Monday, July 2, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Recap Episode 9

Season 9

A lot of people are shocked at how horrible this season is going

Unbelievable.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!

This is simply unreal.  This is desperate, this is cheesy, and this is a sign that this show is being flushed down the toilet faster than a piece of shit mixed with rotten Brussels sprouts.  Three "to be continued" episodes out of nine.  That means one out of every three episodes DOESN'T EVEN GIVE US A CONCLUSION. Are the editors walking off after every episode because they're so bored with this group of boring chefs?  I'll let you guys in on a little secret: Kimmie's not going anywhere. She may have received some nasty burns, but it looks like it's only on her thumb and she still has the ability to use it.  Season 6 winner Dave won while having his left arm in a cast for most of his duration in HK. Of course, Kimmie is proving that she's soft while working with people so who knows?  She won't go home next episode.

This once again proves to me that the producers are trying to stretch this out for the entire summer but as a result they're giving us the worst product they've ever churned out from Gordon Ramsay.

Not that I give a shit about this pissfest of a season anymore, but here's some of what went on in tonight's episode.

Whoa, Red team has to figure out who's sitting out the challenge.  MAJOR NON-DRAMA ALERT!

According to Justin, "zucchini is a boring vegetable."  Well, that should be right up your alley then right, Justin?

I love how Robyn and Kimmie are self-proclaimed best friends now, just two episodes after the editors tried to create all this non-elastic, dull-as-Brian's-personality conflict that sunk the show to one of the lowest, if not THE lowest stretches in its 10 season run.

"If Barbie beats me I will slam my head into the first hard blunt object I can find." You might be doing all of us a favor, Brian.

While the ladies are ready to do some chopping, the guys are ready to do some shopping.  Rhymes.

Ugh.  More of this Robyn-Kimmie "drama".  This is torture. I seriously don't even know what to say anymore. It's almost like I'm watching an episode of South Park and Kyle and Cartman are just going back and forth at each other.  The difference is that South Park is entertaining.