Terms and phrases that regularly appear on the site

All-You-Can-Eat Prime Rib Buffet for $11.75; noun: a once a week buffet located in the highly secure sub base at Point Loma where one can eat as much prime rib as they like for $11.75; one of the best restaurants ever.

Person 1: You just spent $15 on one prime rib?  You must be a sucker.
Person 2: Do you know where you can get cheaper prime rib?
Person 1: Heck yes, the prime rib buffet in Point Loma is all you can eat for $11.75!

Candy Mountain; noun: a large amount of candy that, when dumped out, resembles a mountain; a giant pile of candy.

Example: I don't plan to eat this candy, but add it to Candy Mountain and then give it to my mom for Christmas.

Christmas Sandwiches; noun: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy packed into a buttered dinner roll; a seasonal gourmet delicacy traditionally made from leftovers at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Example: The Christmas Sandwiches take the essentials of the holiday dinner and pack them all into one bite. 

Clearing the Valves; verb: strategic re-positioning of digestive tracts prior to a meal; taking a crap.

Person 1: Hey man, we're gonna check out the buffet soon.
Person 2: Cool, dude, let me just clear the valves real quick.

Cockroach; adjective: used to describe the people who hang out in front of supermarkets and department stores and hound folks going in and out for money or political support; noun: the people who ask for money or political support outside of supermarkets and department stores.

Cockroach: Hi, do you support whatever stupid cause it is that I'm bugging you about?
Person: I don't speak English.

Dick's Liquor; noun: a liquor store located in La Jolla, CA; the funniest store name ever.

Example: The owner of Dick's Liquor must have a really good sense of humor or a really bad one.

EYC (Express Yourself Clearly); noun: a boy band pop group from the 90s; some crappy boy band that little girls may or may not have listened to.

Person 1: Is that 98 Degrees?
Person 2: No, that's EYC.
Person 1: They sound just as bad as 98 Degrees.
Person 2: They're worse.  Much, much worse.

Gatorade Mafia; noun: a gang of 14 year olds who would hang out at Highlands Park and create havoc such as trash talking the ball players, drink Gatorade, and say bad words; a group of 8th grade dorks.

Person 1: Who are those kids talking trash behind the backstop?
Person 2: That's the Gatorade Mafia.  Just ignore them and they'll go away.

Hall of Shame; noun: a figurative wasteland reserved for the companies that demonstrate carelessness in their products and customer service; really crappy companies.

Example: Current Hall of Shame members include Vons for putting food on the shelves that's months past its "best by" date as well as poor customer service and Jack Link's Beef Jerky for their sorry attempt at deceitful marketing.

Jared; noun: Jared Fogle from Subway; a total dork of a spokesperson and one of the hardest people to take seriously; noun: Douche Sandwich.

Example: Jared from Subway tops the list of food industry people that I'd like to punch in the face.

J. Patrick Doyle; noun: The CEO of Domino's Pizza; one of the worst spokespersons in the food industry.

Example: J. Patrick Doyle is a jerk because if something goes wrong with the company he blames everyone except himself.

Katie Crabby Pants; noun: The employee who works the front of a restaurant and/or walks by you upon entering and blatantly ignores you; the jerk who doesn't say hello

Example: Upon walking into Cafe Athena, Katie Crabby Pants seemingly refused to acknowledge my existence in any way, shape, or form.

Lightly Well Done; adjective: a desired result of French fries; one of A. Pawar's overly complicated food orders.

A. Pawar: Two hamburgers and two fries lightly well done please.
Cashier: ...?

Murray Crew; noun: an organization that would frequent Lake Murray Cafe in La Mesa, CA; a group of people who would compete to see who could eat the most.

Example: I feel like heading to the Murray; Murray Crew assemble!

Spurlock Moment; adjective: used to describe the moment after eating something tasty that it may come back up; puking.

Example: Morgan Spurlock had the ultimate Spurlock Moment when he puked up his double quarter pounder meal in this scene of Super Size Me.  

Transition Plate; noun: the plate during a buffet which serves as a liason between the main protein dishes and the dessert dishes; usually features a small portion of meat along with a salad/fruit; adjective: used to describe the mid-point of a buffet.

Example: Time to bust out the salad but I also want a little chicken for my transition plate.

Triathia; noun: a three foot sandwich consisting of turkey, ham, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and a variety of seasoning; a really big sandwich.

Example: I made a three foot Triathia for dinner!

UT Grill; noun: frequent dining place at State; the place we'd go if we wanted to get a stomach  ache; adjective - gone grillin'.

Person 1: Hey, we're goin' grillin'.  You in?
Person 2: No, I'm still trying to clear the valves from the junk they gave me last night.