Monday, July 23, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Recap Episode 14

Episode 14

"Get outta my face or I'm gonna eat you...BITCH!"

Well, good news.  This may have been the best episode of the season.

The challenge was a nice touch considering the producers probably had some agreement with a local church/choir.  It was amusing.

Kimmie: I can't stand this chick. Her entire vocabulary consists of different ways to call people bitches. It gets old after a few minutes.

More Kimmie: Dude...Kimmie is gonna REAM Brian?  I don't know who I'm more scared for...

Dana: She looks pretty hot in the kitchen.  She looks even hotter out of it. Niiiiice.

Brian: Brian is such a douche.  Putting up raw pork. Get out of there, son.

Justin: "I won't churn my own butter again. It is the worst thing in the world. It sucks." Why does this sound like some kind of perverted act of self-gratification that only a loser like Justin would be interested in?

Brian's "ejection": While seeing this clown get tossed mid-service would have been sweet, this really had to be one of the more pathetic "fight backs" we've seen in HK history.  Remember when Tennille got kicked out of the kitchen but vehemently refused to go quietly?  And then was allowed to return?  Brian's ejection was just as lame as his personality.  He made his smartass remark "what's it taste like?""tastes like fish." He walked toward the doors and then James was practically reading a script from a teleprompter about fighting back.  I guess a lame performance like that is warranted for such a lame person like Brian.

More Justin: "We need to figure out who's the weakest link on the team. Bottom line." Well thank you, Captain Obvious. I actually thought you were trying to figure out the quadratic derivative of pi, but that was clearly just silly of me.

Everyone got kicked out.  Again.  Robyn got destroyed.  Again.

In a way I'm kind of surprised that Robyn got spared yet again, but at the same time Kimmie deserved to go.  When she said "I fight back" I couldn't help but to roll my eyes.  Really?  Kimmie cries during every episode.  She cries when the pressure is on.  She cries when she's defending herself.  In traditional society, that's not the typical definition of "fighting back".

And once again, how many people mouthed "back in line" after Ramsay said "The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is...Robyn..." Would someone please tell Ramsay that that's totally played out?  Maybe an intern or something? Just take one for the team.  Please.