Thursday, July 26, 2012

Circus Circus Reno Buffet Review

This is part 4 of my recent road trip around California/Nevada.

So.  Reno.  Las Vegas Jr.  The Biggest Little City in the World possibly because of all the morbidly obese people waddling around.  We stayed in the Circus Circus for a night and before I get to the massive dinner I'd like to bitch about the Internet once more.  In Carson City, Wi-Fi is apparently a thing out of Star Wars, because the Carson Station is operating in a galaxy far, far away where some of the floors don't have any Internet access at all.  Dude, what?  A good change of pace is that Circus Circus DOES have Internets on all their floors.  Good improvement.  BUT...each room fee allows you access to the Internet on only ONE device.  So what happens when there are TWO people there with TWO computers that need Internets?  Extra four dollars.  Dude...WHAT?!?!?!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME, CIRCUS CIRCUS?! IS THIS A JOKE OR SOMETHING???  BITE ME!!!

I ranted appropriately on Yelp to tell them who's boss.

Anyway, dinner that night was at the hotel buffet.  As is well documented, I can be a monster at buffets.  But on this road trip I've been trying really hard to not eat myself sick, even going as far as to forego lunch in favor of a couple small healthy snacks throughout the day (notably apples and apple sauce).  Needless to say, my first trip around the buffet left me AMAZED and practically begging for a stomach ache before even touching anything.

Let's get into it.  Some of these pictures aren't the best because, in all of the excitement, I just piled stuff on without considering plate presentation.  Oh well.  If you want to put out to bring me back to Reno to take better pics then let me know.

Nothing amazing here leading off - meat and potatoes...but wait...what's this?!?!


UNBELIEVABLE!  PRIME RIB!  BUFFET!  It's like the Oceanside Room but...MORE!  

Ok...calm...anyway, as you can see I kept it pretty simple for that first plate after scavenging through the various stations.  Here's where I went a little out of control:

Remember when I said I wasn't considering plate presentation?  I wasn't lying

More prime rib, more potatoes, corn on the cob, pizza, wedges, mac n cheese, and frickin' nachos.  Yes, nachos at a buffet.  INCREDIBLE!

Now, this next picture is more of an homage to the great All-You-Can-Eat Prime Rib Buffet for $11.75 in Point Loma which shut its doors earlier this year:

It's like the cook from Point Loma relocated to Reno.  This is vintage prime rib buffet here

Transition plate: fruit and salad

The dessert station was amazing.  About a dozen different types of cakes, donuts, eclairs, turnovers, croissants, and everything in between.

The cake was good but the donut kind of sucked

I don't know what the hell I was doing here

Last but certainly not least...a fruit tart:

Hello Beautiful

So, 6 plates and guess what?  I didn't get sick!  OH YEAH!  Overall this buffet was awesome.  Tons of choices to pick from and the food for the most part was really, really good.  Especially the prime rib.  I would love to come back here.