Saturday, July 21, 2012

Carson Station/Grandma Hattie's

This is part 3 of the gourmet eaten on my recent road trip around California/Nevada. 

So I already discussed the gourmet I enjoyed in Bridgeport en route to Bodie with delicious meals at the Virginia Creek Settlement and the Hays Street Cafe.  After spending several hours in Bodie, we ventured up to Carson City, Nevada where we stayed at the Carson Station Hotel and Casino.  Before I get into the food I just want to say that if your hotel does not have complimentary Wi-Fi then you are losing business.  This place had Wi-Fi on SOME of the floors but for the others you had to check out this modem thing that you plugged into the wall.  I mean, really, guys?  Is everyone in Carson City still on Myspace, too?

Anyway, that night we dined at the in-house eatery, The Station Restaurant.  This is where I feel like I became Gordon Ramsay in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares:

"Just look at all that" I said in true Ramsay fashion as I squeezed the grease out of the roll

I don't usually order meatball fact the last meatball sandwich I ordered anywhere was back at State.  I dunno, for a casino hotel I just expect the food to be a little more, hmm, not so cheap looking like it was grilled on the floor of the men's bathroom.  Did it taste good?  It wasn't bad.  But it looked like such a mess that I was afraid it would create a whirlwind of diarrhea in my stomach. 

The menu has exactly what you would expect; burgers, fries, and the typical breakfasts.  Again - for a casino hotel I just expect the food to be a little more up there. So yeah. Not too inspiring. 

The next morning we decided to try breakfast somewhere else.  En route to the hotel we passed this place called Grandma Hattie's, so that seemed like a logical choice.  I mean, grandma always makes great breakfasts, right?

Why are the potatoes so oddly placed in this picture? It's like they're allergic to the eggs or something

Once when I was about 10, my friend and I picked our noses in order to keep these annoying girls away from us at one of our block parties. They didn't leave. This dish reminds me of that. Not because it looked like it was cooked with booger oil mind you, but because this Eggs Benedict looked like it was picking its nose in order to keep me away. 

I checked out Grandma Hattie's on Yelp afterward and was amazed to find it has an average rating of 2/5 stars.  Pretty bad.  But the thing that's most shocking is that all of the reviews say it's not a horrible place, it's just forgettable, which I think is spot on.  The food isn't bad.  I ate everything just fine.  The menu isn't anything exciting but it's got the essentials.  The service is fine.  But there's nothing about this place that really stands out as different from any other Joe's Breakfast Shack you may find along the 395.  I mean, you look at the picture and you can tell that everything is cooked fine but it's not the most photogenic plate I've ever posted here. 

So that was Carson.  After that we headed up to Virginia City and then Reno afterward.  

More coming soon.