Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MasterChef Recap Episode 8

Episode 8

Tanya pulling steak out of her ass

Whoa, obviously no product placement going on here at all with the Walmart steaks. 

"I'm confident how my meat looks and I pulled it out of my ass."  Um...that's nice, Tanya.  I'll be sure not to try any of your cooking in the future. But damn - that ass steak got her into first place.  Nice reproductive system regardless of whatever you're splashing on your cooking station there.

So - three desserts and Tanya gets to assign each cook to a dessert - 4 cooks for each dish.  Christine got the strawberry shortcake which, on paper, seems like the easiest but that's the trap that a lot of cooks would fall into.  Christine has already proven she can rise to tough challenges so I'm not surprised that she got the simple dish, in theory.  The worst cook for each dish will make up the bottom three.  

It looks like everyone had trouble with each dish to be honest with you. When Felix brought her Tiramisu up there I thought she was gonna drown herself in her tears.  And it's not like the judges were being that mean.  Gotta develop a little more of a backbone if you're gonna be on a game show.  As Ramsay said in the last episode of HK, "It's a competition you silly cow!"

Funny exchange with David Martinez:

Ramsay: The whole idea of Tiramisu means pick me up.  You just put me down.  Great shame.
David: This is the first time I've ever made Tiramisu.
Joe: That's pretty apparent.  What's all this watery stuff around here?
David: I believe I over-soaked my ladyfingers.
Joe: Looks kinda gross.
David: I apologize for that.
Joe: Based on what I'm tasting I wish I could send you and Felix home because this is really, really off target.

Christine's was good of course, though one of the key ingredients of a strawberry shortcake is supposed to be STRAWBERRIES!!!!

Tali's actually looked pretty good.  I guess without Ryan around he doesn't have to divert all of his energy to being a creepy douchebag.

Speaking of douchebag, Douche Alarm Joe was going off with great frequency today.  Can't say it wasn't uncalled for though since some of these dishes really didn't look that good. 

Ok, guys - Gordon Ramsay needs to stop surrounding himself with yes men because it's more than obvious that his decisions are the only ones that matter.  "Felix, say goodbye...to Scott."  Come on, really?  It's not even surprising anymore because we expect one of those "twists" in every episode, not just with MasterChef but it happens in virtually every HK episode.  Ridiculous.

Scott's shortcake did look pretty rough.  He didn't really do much in the competition to warrant staying so it's not that much of a surprise.