Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Hays Street Cafe

Yesterday I wrote a review for a nice dinner place in the middle of nowhere.  Today I'm writing a review for a nice breakfast place also in the middle of nowhere: the Hays Street Cafe.

When first making the trip to Bodie last year, the girl working the hotel's front desk said something along the lines of "The Hays Street Cafe has the best breakfast in town.  Actually it has the ONLY breakfast in town." I'm not sure that means anything considering that the breakfast could have consisted of cheese-coated cockroaches and salt-crusted goat testicles and the above quote would still apply.  But I digress. 

This, my friends, is what breakfast should look like:

You know it's a good thing when restaurants make a point of highlighting the fact that they cook with REAL butter as opposed to stupid fake butter

Two eggs over-easy, half plate of hash browns, bacon, and toast.  Really fantastic, really good, really filling.  Last year I didn't have much to say about the breakfast other than it was "good".  Which was true, I wasn't lying.  But now I can rave about it because this was really, really good.

Also as I mentioned with the Virginia Creek Settlement - service is excellent.  Maybe everyone who works there is family.  Wouldn't be all that surprising considering that Bridgeport has a population of about 14 and a half (it's actually about 600 but I was rounding down).  But the cool thing is that in the dining room there's always someone keeping watch in case anybody needs anything.  Granted it's not the biggest restaurant in the world but it's also not the smallest, so it's nice to have that watchful eye that can help you out with something if you need it. 

And what continues to amaze me is how the prices for these little restaurants miles from civilization are about the same as they would be for any other restaurant in a bigger city.  How do they do that?  Maybe they slaughter their own animals, I dunno.

A nice, well-rounded menu, good scenery, and a pretty badass meal prior to spending the day at Bodie.  Check it out.