Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Recap Episode 15

Episode 15

Later, Brian

What do you know - a second consecutive good episode!  But by my count we may be in for another scheduled "to be continued" next week.  It's been 3 episodes so we're due. But I digress.  Onto tonight:

Justin: "Why couldn't we win today so we could be at the beach?" I don't know, Justin.  You're always one to ask the really, really challenging questions. 

Dana: Does anyone notice that this girl really likes to yell while in the confession booth? It could be over something really simple like "Today I woke up and GOT SOME BREAKFAST ARRRRRGGGHHH!!!"

Brian: What the hell is this guy smoking? Ramsay puts a black jacket on the table and he thinks it's mint? What a douche.  

What the hell is a holding oven?  And why would you put spinach in it?  Even I know that's something you probably want to do.  I don't think in HK history do I recall all of the garnish being held in an oven.  That actually sounds like something that douche Brian would make up. 

Robyn: "Justin's a dumbass."  Truth. 

More Justin: "What was I thinking? That was just a dumb, dumb mistake."  Yeah, kinda like the decision to let you onto this show, Justin. 

So after sending up an entire slaughterhouse worth of raw meat, Ramsay called on Barbie to help Brian out with his station.  Pretty embarrassing but also humorous to see Brian throw a two year old temper tantrum.  Watching him pound his fists and swear was almost like watching a 6 year old who couldn't get his Power Ranger. 

The trio of Dana-Christina-Barbie worked well.  I guess everyone else was just extra baggage. 

Black Jackets:  Always a big time in HK.  Occasionally you see a couple bogus handouts, such as Matt from season 4.  Total fluke.  But this group?  The women all deserved one.  Clemenza has heart but lacks the skill.  Nevertheless, I think he deserved one.  Justin has skill in the kitchen but he's boring which makes him one of the worst chefs to receive a black jacket ever. 

Robyn reminds me of Trev from season 8.  That dude went up to the chopping block each and every episode but made it to the final 4.  Robyn won't win but she's shown she's got skill, she's got heart, and she's got tenacity.  That's why she's still here and Brian isn't.  Brian is just...really, really strange.  The problem I had early on with this season is that the blue team consisted of like 5 generic white guys who all looked, talked, and sounded the same.  Brian was one of those guys.  Justin is the remaining one and arguably the most boring of the bunch.  Seeing that guy trying to direct people is like watching a piece of grilled broccoli trying to direct a sequel to Inception. 

So I think this group is as good as it could be.  I would have liked to see Patrick Van Halen or Royce make it this far, but I'll settle for what we've got.  I'm rooting for a Dana/Christina showdown since I think they have the skills as well as the mentality to do big things.  Barbie has only gotten better as the competition goes on but I don't see her as head chef material.  Or executive chef.  Or whatever the hell the prize is this season.  Clemenza has the leadership capabilities but his cooking skills fall short.  Justin is a joke of a leader.  Robyn will finish 5th or 6th but I think she has the talent to do big things down the line.

Overall a solid episode. 

Did I really just say that she deserved a black jacket?