Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Steak Three Ways

This actually isn't steak three ways, but rather steak with three different sauces because a chain like Outback I don't think is allowed to do anything really creative, but I digress:

Why the hell did they give me so many green beans?

So Outback and I have had a rocky relationship.  The thing is, the only time I actually go to Outback is when it's Josh's birthday...or if Josh coincidentally offers to pay haha.  Prior to this visit I had been to Outback four times.  The first two were lackluster.  The latter two were actually quite good with the most recent featuring a combination of ribs, steak, and a baked potato.  Naturally that was only for a brief time and was no longer on the menu for this visit, but instead they had this special of steak with three different sauces on top of potato pancakes served with a side of green beans.

It was alright.  Filling,  yes.  Flavor-wise, eh.  It left a little bit to be desired.  I mean, their regular steak isn't really that good to begin with, so the star of the show here by default is the sauce which I think creates a problem.  I mean, sauce shouldn't really be the show for a steak.  For a Big Mac, sure.  But not for something that actually takes time to cook and, you know, doesn't have all of the nasty preservatives that a Big Mac has. 

Decent effort, Outback.  But eh.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Greatest Candy Bar Ever Part II

A couple posts ago you witnessed the Greatest Candy Bar Ever.  Well, tonight I give you...the Second Greatest Candy Bar Ever:

If your eyes are having an orgasm, imagine how your taste buds are gonna feel

Compliments of Chocomize.  Now, in the last post I praised Chocomize's customer service for replacing the two damaged bars without any hassle that they initially sent me.  Naturally when I e-mailed them a question about this order I received no response.  I had a 10% off coupon code from an e-mail they sent out that was good for a few more days but forgot to apply it to this order.  So I e-mailed them asking if it could be applied and here's the code that I was given.  Of course they didn't respond. 

Since I ordered 3 of these guys the total dollar amount saved would have been only about three bucks so it's not like this is a big deal but...really, guys?  I mean, it's the principal of the thing here.  Of course they did promptly replace the damaged bars so it's not like I'm going on a crusade here but I'm just sayin'.  I could have cancelled the order and just done it all over but that would have been a pain in the ass, that's why it would have been easier if they had just responded.

But we'll call this one a wash.  They're a great company and this particular bar is like whoa.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pastrami on Rye with Mustard

I wanted to post this again, as this is a unique case of something looking really, really tasty but ultimately being kind of a letdown, which is a phenomenon that we here at Greg's Gourmet are always trying to figure out.

Pastrami, the most sensuous of the deli meats as showcased in a famous Seinfeld episode.

The same pastrami that my mother shuns me for eating with cheese and mayonnaise, citing it as the most un-kosher thing anyone can eat.

Thankfully a delicatessen opened up in La Jolla and while it's still not's still something.

One of the few restaurants that doesn't lie about "piling it high"

So this is a place called Nosh Delicatessen that just opened a couple months ago.  Has a typical delicatessen menu, good plate presentation, but there's something not quite there with this place and I can't quite figure it out.  Maybe it's the waiters who come around to make sure everything is okay despite the fact that they're not actually waiters.  Maybe it's the fact that the food was actually kind of underwhelming despite its beautiful presentation.  I'm serious, this pastrami must have been lean or something because it was lacking in the kind of flavor that I was expecting from it.

Of course being a new restaurant they need some time to work out certain things to see what works and what doesn't so I'd be interested in returning.  Just looking at this pictures is making me salivate all over my screen.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Greatest Candy Bar Ever

Also known as...Chocomize:

Oh...oh yes

So Chocomize is this Internet company that allows you to customize your chocolate bars any way you like.  They've got countless combinations of spices, herbs, fruits, nuts, and candy that you can pile high onto your chocolate bar like an Alex Rodriguez steroid denial.  

This one has Gushers, Skittles, Junior Mints, pop rocks, and gummy bears on a milk chocolate bar.  It's chewy, sticky, fruity, and absolutely delicious.  So damn good.

What makes this an even better experience is that Chocomize also provides great customer service.  If you've been reading this blog long enough you know how much I appreciate good customer service.  Initially I had ordered two chocolate bars; one for my mom and one for myself, but they came in damaged and freezer burned.  I sent Chocomize a note and even took pictures but they quickly responded apologizing for the issue and saying this happens to about 2% of all the bars that go out and they'd send replacements right away.  Simple as that.  It's seriously amazing how easy good customer service is yet equally amazing how many companies simply don't get it.  Check it out.