Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MasterChef Recap Episode 10

Episode 10

"See these red bowling shoes, guys? These are shit!"

Tali: Why the hell is Tali still around? This guy has done absolutely nothing since arriving other than to creep everyone out and serve as Ryan "the Flavor Elevator's" sidekick. Whatever.

Pressure test was a good one.  Rabbit is one of those foods that I've always wanted to try.  Graham's "Rabbit Five Ways" looked outstanding despite the fact that he was feeding us its kidneys and liver. Sorry, organs are where I draw the line.

Becky: This chick is seriously starting to annoy me.  She's like that little know-it-all in school who would always raise her hand after every question and would get upset if she got a B on something.  She's up there jumping around after the victory like she had just won the lottery.  I mean, show some class.  Act like you've been there before. You really think the other chefs are thinking "WOW! Finally Becky won a challenge! Whew!"? The answer is a great big emphatic NO!

Anyway, the real fun of today's episode was during the Elimination Test. As someone who made my first pizza on a pizza stone very recently, I know how tough it can be to make a pizza - especially in an hour.  The reason Tali is still around, I think, is that he DID make a pizza with the pizza stone, whereas the three "worst dishes" were something entirely different. 

"You drew a blank? Hope there's not a blank space at your cooking station tomorrow." Ouch, Douche Alarm going off ten-fold.

More Becky: Ugh. Becky. Bitch Alert: "I know that Monti is a single mother and she does raise her kid on this stuff but this isn't, like, the best Budget Cooking Mom Show, you know? She isn't a Master Chef."  Hey, Becky? Guess what? YOU'RE NOT A MASTER CHEF EITHER! As Kimmie from Hell's Kitchen may say, you're just a Master BITCH!

David: Okay, I find David Martinez hilarious because it seems like everyone can't stand this guy and despite all of the quarrels he's been in, he maintains the same disposition regardless of what's going on. He has that goofy straight face at all times like he's incapable of having any emotions. But he seems to keep his cool in the kitchen, so that helps him greatly.  So first Graham crushes his hopes and then Joe slams - not throws - but slams his food into the trash while calling it shit.  Talk about a bad day. But did anyone else notice the red bowling shoes that Joe was wearing?  I guess he and the gang were planning to hit the lanes after filming or something.

More Tali: Again, the question we're all asking is why is he still here?  And the reason today is that he made a pizza with the pizza stone while the bottom three didn't.  But I couldn't stop laughing when he was getting socked left and right.  And it was vicious too, but it was just the circumstances that I found hilarious. First Ramsay embarrasses him to shit with the mess that is his work station, then they rip his pizza to shreds. He had no chance for this round.  I like how he said "that wasn't my intention" when told it was served on raw crust. 

Tanya: You ever bite into a clove of garlic? It's disgusting. The power of its taste can overwhelm your senses so for the duration of the meal all you can taste is garlic.

Mike went home because he didn't shine at all. The double elimination was kind of random, but Tanya stood no chance in this competition either. It seems like she was crying in every episode. That kind of attitude won't win.  "It's a competition you silly cow!" The judges were probably thinking the same thing, as David deserved to go but he seems to have a stronger personality in the kitchen and can take the heat way better than Tanya. No more of pulling steaks out of her ass. 

Good episode overall.