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For a long time I've posted pictures and stories of my food adventures on Facebook and Myspace before that.  One day I thought it would be cool to have everything in one place where I could talk about it, post pictures, post videos, etc., etc., and so Greg's Gourmet was created!  While I'm toying with different ideas for the site, you can expect to see mouth-watering pictures of my food conquests both past and present.  If it's an item bombarded with calories or something that's just too weird to be true...or if it just looks good and I happen to have my camera with me...then it's perfect for this site!

I'm always open to suggestions to make the site better so if you have one or you have a food picture you want to have featured or you'd just like to tell me how cool, intelligent, and good looking I am, my e-mail is gregjbaldwin@gmail.com


1) Does all the food on here make up your entire diet?

Answer: No.  In actuality, the photos you see on here make up a very small part of my entire diet.  In reality my eating habits are very balanced; water is my drink of choice, I eat lots of fruits and force myself to eat lots of vegetables, and I don't eat a heck of a lot of beef outside of what's featured on here. 

2) How are you not a fat tub of lard?

Answer: Again, as surprising as it is, I do my best to maintain a balanced diet and I exercise 1-3 hours every day.

3) Have you ever eaten yourself sick?

Answer: Yes, on more than one occasion I have eaten myself into submission.  I've also had food poisoning a few times.

4) What's your favorite food?

Answer: Strawberries.

5) What's your favorite type of food?

Answer: Nothing specific.  I like American, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, etc.  I'm always open to trying new types.

6) What's your least favorite food?

Answer: Broccoli or cauliflower or Brussels sprouts. 

7) What's your least favorite type of food?

Answer: Thai.  I've never liked it.

8) What are your thoughts on competitive eating?

Answer: I like to pretend I'm a competitive eater, but above all else I appreciate its entertainment value and if it were on TV more often I'd definitely watch it.

9) Do you cook?

Answer: I like to pretend that I know how to cook.  It's one of my hobbies.  But really, I'd like to learn some day to cook up some really good dishes.  As of now I can construct, assemble, and combine.  Interpret that any way you like.

10) I ate at this really good place the other day.  May I recommend it to you?

Answer: Absolutely!  I love receiving recommendations of all kinds.  Just be aware that it may take a while to actually test that recommendation.