Saturday, March 28, 2015

What's the Deal with Lettuce?

It seems like there's a trend where, perhaps in an effort to fill up plate space, restaurants feel the need to load up your meal with an absurd amount of lettuce. This is true for burgers and sandwiches as well. When did it become cool to be bombarded with lettuce? I simply do not understand, just like I did not understand this plate here from Boto Sushi:

I guess the new cool thing is getting TWO sides of salad?

What's the deal with that second giant thing of lettuce in the upper left hand corner of my tray here? I don't get it.

Like at all.

Nor did I touch it. Why would I? It's a giant thing of undressed lettuce that doesn't seem to have any purpose in this meal other than taking up space. Am I supposed to mix the steak in with it perhaps? I don't know! The meat was pretty good. I mean, it's not an epic meal but it's good. But the real highlight here is that random thing of lettuce that's just awkwardly out of place. I don't get it, man.

If you can explain what that second helping of lettuce is then please let me know.