Monday, July 9, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Recap Episode 11

Episode 11

Psycho Bitch Tiffany giving herself a pat on the back

Kimmie: Why does this chick cry after every challenge?  Chill out.  Then Dana starts getting trashed because she's got the balls to lead the team?  Something's not right here.

In the early seasons of HK, the winners would have been flown to Las Vegas on a private jet as opposed to coach on Southwest Airlines.  I guess the producers are starting to penny pinch.

Carrot Top: This may be the worst celebrity spotting in HK since Sasha Vujacic.

"Brian was very into Carrot Top." A little bit of an understatement from the Rolls Royce of Cooking.

Brian: When the guys returned from Vegas you saw Brian making some kind of alien noises that are native to his home planet to which Dana asked "what the #*@! is wrong with you?" Dana, seriously, I don't think anyone knows what the @*!( is wrong with Brian.

Lee Dewyze: This may be the worst celebrity spotting in HK since Carrot Top.  Shouldn't be too surprised.  As the worst winner in American Idol history which includes the distinction of being dropped from his record contract, Lee probably has plenty of time on his hands.

Psycho Bitch Tiffany: I like how she gives herself a pat on the chest as a way of giving herself a pat on the back.  Must be nice to be stoned off your ass at all hours of the day.

Speaking of Psycho Bitch Tiffany, it was great to see her totally pwn Brian and Justin. "This is why you guys get (@*!#$ up!" In true generic white guy fashion, Brian and Justin had absolutely no way to defend themselves because they lack any personality whatsoever.

More Brian: "It took every bit of every thing that I have inside of me not to turn around and shove her head into the fryer."  Every bit of every thing inside of Brian isn't that much just in case you forgot.

Rolls Royce of Cooking: Not surprised he went home at this point. He was walking on egg shells from the beginning but had made some improvements. It's too bad because he's one of the few contestants that actually has a personality this season.

"Everything you think you know about Hell's Kitchen is about to change." HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, right. How often does Fox slip that quote in for every promo of every show in their cabinet?

Overall this would have been a decent episode if they had picked any other celebrity other than Lee Dewyze.

Is this how everyone looks if David Beckham likes their pork chop?