Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MasterChef Recap Episode 13

Episode 13

"I have to work with David Martinez? I think I'm gonna eat my own vomit"

Paula Deen: HEY YALL!!! MUWAHAHAHAHA!  Sorry, for us Southern Californians it's like hearing a foreigner trying to learn English as a 53rd language. 

David: "I love butter. I love Paula Deen. I love Paula Deen with butter." Too much info, David. 

"Holy hell!  You've got some real flavors happening here, Martinez!"  Holy hell, Joe Bastianich complimented David Martinez! 

I laughed out loud when learning of the contestants being paired together.  Frank did, too. 

More David: "When it comes to sushi, man, honestly I do kinda know my shit. I've never done it myself but I've seen it done so many times." Yeah, David, just like me with nuclear weapon construction; never done it but I've seen it done in a lot of movies. 

Bitchin' Becky and David: I love seeing these two butt heads.  Becky's a loudmouth and David's incapable of showing any emotion.  It's like a howler monkey paired with a bowl of oatmeal.  Awesome.

Ramsay: Do you think your team's in front?
Christine: I'm not sure, chef, I can't see around me.

I like how they're using the same three seconds of Frank laughing over and over again. 

Felix and Monti: These two really worked well together.  Monti has no experience with sushi and she completely deferred to Felix, who has done a ton of this stuff.  Monti has been a hothead at times but she knew Felix was the MVP this time around.  Good teamwork.

Stacey and Christine: These two were just discombobulated.  Nothing worked, nothing came out right, and the dish was a mess. 

It's weird to think that David is in the final 6, especially considering that he shouldn't be there. If all 6 of these chefs were competing individually then I think David would easily be leaving instead of Stacey, but he's lucky that there was a team that competed worse than his did. 

SO how about six eliminated chefs getting a second chance?  That's a pretty cool twist, I gotta say.  AND WE GOT TALI AND THE RYAN "THE FLAVOR ELEVATOR" COMING BACK!!! YEAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

Next episode is gonna ROCK...just cause Ryan and Tali are such DOUCHEBAGS!