Gourmet Models!

I'm proud to present the newest Gourmet feature: Greg's Gourmet Models!!!  These individuals, without much manipulation, agreed to let me photograph them wearing their Greg's Gourmet apparel.  Interested in getting your own?  Check out cafepress.com/gourmetgear to see what's available!

Amber sporting the classic Hawaiian blue logo

Mike from Twirl Radio takin' a break with his Greg's Gourmet mug

Kentaro, winner of the July Giveaway! 

Josh of Josh in Japan proving he's the man with the plan

Mike practicing what we preach

The official Greg's Gourmet teddy bear!  Special thanks to Addie

Want to get your hands on your own Gourmet Gear?  Check out the Gourmet Store by clicking here!

As Yogurt from Spaceballs might say: Moichendising!  Moichendising!