Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Recap Episode 13

Episode 13

"I care more about food than my family...j/k but srsly tho"

Again - Chef Ramsay samples these dishes just 30 minutes prior to dinner service cause he's been out of town for a day and a half for one of his 50 other television shows.  Is that really demonstrating his world class standards?  I don't think so.

Robyn: "Who the f@*# wants to eat a mousse with a flower in it?" I'm wondering the same thing.

Kimmie: "Barbie, you see these two fatass fingers from Memphis?  I can handle this shit! I don't need your help!" as she waves two open hands. Um, Kimmie?  You may not want Barbie's help with cooking but you may want to consider seeking her out for some basic arithmetic lessons.

Ramsay: "I swear it's pinker on the inside than Paris Hilton's lipstick!"  Nice.

Justin as a leader reminds me a lot of Napoleon marching into Russia.  I'm sure this will end well.

Psycho Bitch Tiffany: "I care more about food than I care about my family." Jeez...are you the child of one of those loser couples that appeared on Jerry Springer in the 90s?

Dude, Andi taking names...hotness.

Whenever Justin gets into an argument I'm always concerned that he's going to accidentally develop some personality.

More Robyn: "Justin won't vote for Brian and Brian won't vote for Justin...I think they sleep on top of each other." Ah, mystery solved.  Thanks for the inside information, Robyn.

One of the (other) reasons I can't stand Brian and Justin is that neither one stands up for themselves. Or when they do it's like watching a spider trying to crawl out of a toilet bowl only to be flushed away two seconds later.  Clemenza stands up for himself. Robyn stands up for herself.  But Brian and Justin?  They're the kids you bully into doing your homework because you know they'll do it.  It's just pathetic.

Psycho Bitch Tiffany was sent home because she started showing her heart way too late.  Up until now she's been stoned off her ass half the time and brawling with people the other half.  Seeing her cry shows that she actually does care but it was too little too late.

Prediction for finals: Christina vs. Dana.  Justin in third cause that's just how bad of a season it is.