Monday, July 23, 2012

Masterchef Recap Episode 14

Episode 14


Well this is certainly a nice change of pace.  I'll say this to start: Bringing back the recently cut 8 chefs was a simple ratings move so they could include Ryan.  In reality, the Flavor Elevator nor Tali the Douche have any shot of returning.  Both of those dudes make the Stooges look like rocket scientists. 

Bitchin' Becky: "Josh is my biggest competitor. The idea of him coming back is throwing another wrench in my master plan."  I'm so sorry that Josh is interfering with your Final Solution, Becky.

Ryan: "The Flavor Elevator is back and we're going up!"  If by going up you mean going down, then yes, you're going way up, Ryan. 

Joe Bastianich: Who on the balcony doesn't deserve to be there?
Ryan: Definitely David Martinez. 
Joe: Martinez? Is he wearing your apron? 
Ryan: He's definitely wearing my white apron.  I'm definitely getting it back today. In true David form, he flips Ryan the bird with his patented emotionless face. What a non-shocker. 

Tali: "If Josh's mousse was a chocolate dream, this is like a chocolate mortar" Hahaha bye Tali!

Monti: "This kid, he better not worm his way back into this competition after being gone for so long.  Ryan...go f@*# yourself."  HOT OVERLOAD.

David: "I want Ryan to come back just so I can be the one to hammer that last nail into his coffin. I don't think that kid can cook his way out of a microwaveable popcorn bag." Wow, David. You're so tough. You're, like, the designated tough guy now.

Douche Alarm: "But what Frank doesn't realize is how delicious this is. I think that there's a potential in you that sometimes is masqueraded by this seemingly bewildered young man who has no job probably not doing a whole hell of a lot everyday."  Even though it was aimed toward the Flavor Elevator, it was still a douchie thing to say.  

I think Anna, Scott, and Tanya knew that being included with a group with Tali by default means they're going home.  Bummer. 

Flavor Elevator: "I don't want to sound overconfident but I think I'm the best chef including the ones who are already up there."  I don't think you're sounding overconfident at all, Ryan.  The words that come to mind are delusional.  Stupid.  Inter-dimensional. 

More Flavor Elevator: "I think it's safe to say that the pressure is on." Thank you, Captain Obvious.  Hopefully you're cooking isn't as predictably bad as your one liners.

Josh: "I'm gonna whoop Ryan's ass, man.  This is gonna be the culinary battle of his life!"  I'd take Josh in a fight over the Flavor Elevator any day. 

Those tarts look amazing.  Holy crap.

Christine, in response to hearing that they'll be participating in a blind taste test: "I think that's fair." 

Gordon: How is your tart going to separate from his?
Josh: What I plan to do is use a lot of exotic ingredients. Pineapples, mangos, kiwis...
Should have just said "What I plan to do is kick his ass again."

More Josh: "This has to be the best dish I've made in this kitchen cause otherwise I'm going home and that's not what I want to do."  Really, Josh?  I thought the whole idea of MasterChef was to be the first to go home, but I may be wrong...

Josh: Maraschino cherries, man.  Might get you.
Flavor Elevator: Might get me to the next round.
The exchanges between Josh and the Flavor Elevator seemed kinda forced, but having Ryan around is always good for entertainment. 

Even More Flavor Elevator: "In the infamous words of Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part." Nice.

So Josh is back, defeating Ryan 6-0 in the blind taste test.  This was a really good episode and a nice curveball.  It was also cool to see Ryan again because he's just such a douche.

Flavor Elevator Words of Wisdom: "I'd like to say to the remaining seven contestants: you're lucky they threw another baking challenge at me. But now I really think Josh will win because anybody who can take out the Flavor Elevator deserves to be the next MasterChef."

Really enjoyable episode.