Monday, July 2, 2012

MasterChef Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9

Um...okay then, Graham.

MasterChef is exceeding Hell's Kitchen in entertainment value far and beyond this season. 

When Stacy picked Tali first I was shocked and about to make fun of her.  But then when I heard her reasoning that she picked him first as insurance in the event they go to a pressure test, I applauded her move.  Naturally it's probably gonna come back to bite her in the ass, but for the moment it seems good.  But whatever. She made some good choices with the teams.  Frank and Becky are pretty sound chefs and Tali no longer has the self-proclaimed "Flavor Elevator" ramming him into the ground so he's not as annoying.  Pairing Monti and David was a good move as well as Tanya and Anna as there's no central leader. Monti has leadership capabilities but she comes off as a bit hot-headed.  Not that I'm complaining. 

I love how Monti says "no, David, you don't got it."  Also evidenced by his raw burgers.  Suave. 

My first thought when I heard they were charging: Dude, MasterChef is charging people? Seriously? Why don't they say "go to whichever food truck you want and whoever makes the most orders wins"?  Come on, guys. 

My second thought when hearing that the money goes to charity: Awe, that's so nice and a good move.

Reality thought: Joe Bastianich will probably pocket most of it and invest in a book on how to be Italian.

Wow, Red Team won with Tali as the first pick.  Impressive.

"The first things that you sent out were raw."  "NOT ALL OF THEM!" Hahahaha, that's what you like to hear from a chef. They're not ALL raw, only SOME of them. Silly David Martinez. 

Too bad Tanya couldn't pull any more steak out of her ass like last time. She's too soft to win.

Not a shocker at all that Anna went home.  Captain of the losing team and served raw food during the elimination.  

Very enjoyable episode. The thing that makes this show entertaining is that not only do these people have personalities but they have ATTITUDES. Some are more evident than others, but it makes it fun. There's obvious front runners, dark horses, and some chefs that are about to be picked off one by one. It's a really fun range this season. Too bad HK is stinking up the joint, otherwise this would be a great block of programming.