Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Recap Episode 8

Episode 8

I would have much rather enjoyed looking at this picture of season 9's very attractive Elizabeth rather than watch last night's episode

This actually wasn't a horrible episode.  Much better than the crap they had been serving us the past few days.  Also seeing Roshni stand up for herself at the end was nice to see, as we finally saw someone with a little personality.  Get it?  Little. LOOOOOOOOL yeah.

Justin says "I'm crossing my fingers and hoping we don't make ourselves look like idiots."  Wow.  Quite a challenge you've given yourself there, Justin.

They subtitled Sugar Ray Leonard as the "Author of 'The Big Fight'"?  Really?

Why does it always seem like Robyn is on caffeine?  Every time she's on screen she's bouncing off walls and screaming at the top of her lungs.  Jeez, calm down.

Brian says "I've trained for this. I'm ready!" Trained for failure I don't think was in the curriculum, Brian.  Ugh. Then he does some moves in front of Sugar Ray.  Ugh.

Psycho Bitch Tiffany puts knives in her mouth and then cuts meat with them.  Hence the name Psycho Bitch Tiffany.

I've always wondered something. Don't these chefs, like, even touch their food before bringing it up to the pass?  You should know almost immediately if your beef wellington is raw.  Or your piece of lobster.  The meat is exposed so there's no excuse to serve something stone cold.  Or as Guy mentioned last night to be politically correct, "they weren't cold.  They were warm."

Did anyone catch Clemenza pulling a Curly?  "Whoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoa wait a minute!" ahahahaha

I'm surprised Roshni lasted as long as she did. It was nice to see her stand up for herself at the end there, but she really had no chance to win this.  I also found the humor in Ramsay telling her to keep her head high.  Just sayin'.