Monday, June 11, 2012

Hell's Kitchen/MasterChef Recap - Episode 3

Episode III


Gordon Ramsay WHAT THE HELL!?  Eliminating the hot blonde chick this early in the game?  The hell's the matter with you?!  And you keep ROSHNI?? ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!  Dude, Roshni looks like the most uninspired person to ever walk into HK and I swear she's about to burst into tears at any given second.  And Barbie?  She'll probably stick around a few more episodes at the least.  She says all the right things and works hard.  But Briana?  Why'd you get rid of her over Roshni?  Terrible.

"I'm not leaving before Chef Ramsay say it's my time." - Barbie.  Well no shit, Barbie. Why else would you leave before Chef Ramsay says it's your time?  Unless you accidentally chop your finger off like the Fox marketing guys want you to think happens to Guy in the next episode.

Royce just comes off as a goofball.  He doesn't come off like a douche or a tough guy or even a really nice guy, but just a goofball.  I'm not sure what to make of this.

I've often wondered what happens to the food they waste on this show.  Those Wellingtons that Clemenza kept screwing up looked really, really good regardless if the meat was still alive. I'd seriously love to be right up there in the kitchen eating whatever doesn't go out.  On a side note, I've never actually had a Wellington but they look delicious.

I think Patrick and Christina are my early favorites for the finals. They seem to have their act together both with cooking and presenting themselves well.

Other than that this was a pretty typical episode.

Episode III

The first challenge last year was slicing apples.  If your slices were too imperfect then you went home.  Some people sliced for a few minutes. Some had to slice for over an hour.  It galls me that such a stupid stunt would be pulled.  Someone could be slicing apples for 60 minutes and they go home based on the slices their newly-diagnosed carpal-tunneled hand cut up at that second, whereas another chef made it through based off the slices they cut during the first 60 seconds.  I wonder which slices would be better?  It was total bullshit. 

Blah blah blah.

I'm rooting for Christine, the blind girl.