Monday, April 2, 2012

I Hate This Commercial

This piece of trash was put out by Jack in the Box. It first aired on Super Bowl Sunday and lately it seems like it's been airing more frequently.  Just watch this Titanic of a shipwreck:

Okay, let's go down the list of reasons why this commercial sucks bacon balls:

1. "It's not a girl. It's BACON!" How many seconds would it take you after your son says this before you stuff him into a box and ship him off to an insane asylum? 

2. What would you do if you're working at a jewelry store and you see this nutjob using a piece of bacon to help him pick out a ring? Would you stand there and smile or would you call in the FBI because a Ted Bundy copycat is on the loose? 

3. I love this. The chick at the florist's actually smiles while handing him the flowers, cause he and this strip of pig fat are just sooooooooo cute together. 

4. Not only is a big ceremony held for this goofball, but people actually show up?? He's got USHERS? What, are they secretly filming this with their phones so they can put it up on YouTube afterward? 

5.  "You may now eat the bride." Who didn't see that one coming? (looool) But seriously, that little innuendo was more predictable than Jennifer Lopez giving a standing ovation to each contestant on American Idol last week. 

6. That one shot of that pizza faced snot rocket sniffing the burger like Dahmer sniffing a dead corpse. Makes me seriously want to bash that guy's nose in with a grappling iron. "Oh bacon you're so beautiful." WHAM! 

Is this really the best that Jack in the Box could do? Especially for Super Bowl Sunday? Having this fruitcake marry a piece of pig fat? In what world is this funny, clever, or even remotely positive for marketing the company? Not that this really matters to me - I haven't been to Jack in the Box in a few years. Two of the last three times I've gone I've actually gotten sick, and the one time I didn't I wound up waiting in a drive-thru for 20 minutes because they were switching shifts and I guess when they switch shifts that means there's no one at the drive-thru? Yeah, I don't know either.

Anyway, I hate this commercial. Greatly dislike.