Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Passover!

Friday marked the start of Passover. Last year I actually forgot to take pictures of the food prior to eating it. Pretty dumb, I know. What kind of scam am I running here? But this year, my friends, I came through. For the most part:

Ok, I lied about taking picture since this is the only one of the meal I have. But here's what my dad, the Talented Stephen Baldwin, had on his plate which, in some bizarre twist of fate, looks exactly like mine:

We got some chicken here, meatballs as first cooked by my great grandmother who lived to be 102, matzo stuffing (I refuse to call it dressing), and potatoes. Good stuff. 

And just for good measure again, the dessert:

Thanks to the Bone Crusher for traveling halfway around the world to get the GOOD fruit slices. 

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!