Monday, April 23, 2012

Mobile Blog

Note: Well now, it appears that none of my SWF files are loading properly.  Now I need to figure out why.  Thank you, Blogger.

Note 2: I've fixed the problem.  I'm guessing the links to the SWF's were all switched around when the servers were updating.  All Flash files should be working as normal.

Just a quick note here - Blogger finally made it easy to to change the interface of the blog as it's seen on mobile devices.  Maybe it's been there all along but I never knew about it.  But now the blog looks specially simplistic and cool if you're accessing it on your phone.  I was never excited about having to go through the fifty miles of code to figure out why it looked funny on mobile devices and thankfully now I don't have to.

The whole interface of Blogger has changed, so maybe there's some new stuff here to play with.  Maybe they've finally fixed the thumbnail issue or finally added on a photo rotation tool.  Or maybe they've finally acknowledged Greg's Gourmet as an elite powerhouse in blogging and will feature the site's name sandwiched between the Search and Image tabs on Google's homepage!

Enjoy the week.