Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Best Meal of the Year Part III

So I'm trying a few new things with Greg's Gourmet. First, I'm going to be posting shorter blogs more often rather than doing two longer ones per week. By doing this I think I can post a variety of entertaining content while also making it more personal. Posting these bi-weekly long blogs wasn't doing it for me anymore.

Anyway, I know I say this all the time, but I've got another candidate for possibly the best meal of the year. I've already explained the Best Meal of the Year and even the Second Best Meal of the Year. The thing with those two, however, is that they take a long time to prepare and they're holidays. This meal...a little more informal:

Oh baby, yes!

What we've got here is the ultimate in fast food freshness: a whopping 4x4 with animal style fries from In-N-Out. I've never actually ordered this combo before and probably won't do it again for a while, but on this particular day I decided what the hell. Both items are on their "not so secret" menu and are chocked full of empty calories, fat, and awesomeness. Maybe one piece of cheese too many on the burger, but with a 4x4 that's what you get. Oh yeah, and this is what I was considering for lunch on my birthday. If this had happened I would have certainly gotten sick later that night. 

I really enjoy In-N-Out. The menu is simple, the food is good and fresh, and the customer service is second to none in the fast food industry. The only thing that gripes me is that regardless of what time you go, you're gonna be playing Battle Royale just to get a table. That's always bugged me. Josh in Macedonia is a seasoned expert in scoping out tables while we wait for our food and slides in once the previous customers leave. Still - I don't believe in that kind of chaos in restaurants. Maybe constructing smaller restaurants is how they keep their prices down?

Thanks for reading!