Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Third Time's the Charm

First of all, a happy birthday to my most excellent friend, Josh!

It's become an annual tradition to celebrate Josh's birthday dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Last year he was in Japan so obviously we couldn't do it, but the two years prior I left feeling very unsatisfied.  The first year I ordered their Outback Special which is their signature piece of steak but it was really, really mediocre.  The next year I ordered a bacon cheeseburger - and that was really, really mediocre.  I mean, how does that happen?

But last night was a little different.  Ordered the Ribeye (I'm being told that ribeye is actually two words but I'm taking a stand and making it one) and it did the trick.  Really tasty and perfectly cooked:

It's dark in those steakhouses and my camera doesn't have a flash, so I had to slightly adjust the lighting.

I was surprised by how filling the ribeye was.  I was debating over whether I should try their Outback Special again but get a bigger cut at the same price.  Overall this was the better choice and it was very tasty.  Josh had like a 20 ounce porterhouse.  That thing was massive.

Here's a salad even though I know no one cares about that

It's funny with all this new legislation forcing restaurants to have healthier menus.  I remember a couple years back the steak would come with two sides of your choice, so naturally I went with fries and mashed potatoes.  I know - I'm horrible.  But now they force down soup or salad and only give you one side.  Blah.

This is a bundtlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes - it's a pun. Bone Crusher told me about these things so I finally got to check them out and they're really, really good.  Rich and sweet and filling.  Highly recommend. 

Happy birthday to Josh!

Thanks for reading!