Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sky Kitchen Cafe

I've blogged about this place before, so it's nothing new to Greg's Gourmet.  But the Sky Kitchen Cafe in San Carlos was one of my favorite restaurants to go as a kid.  My favorite meal was, of course, scrambled eggs and French fries.  And at the time the fries were actually steak fries which as we all know are like the Flying Fortresses of French fries.  In my recent trip around California and Nevada we had breakfast at the Sky Kitchen.  Didn't have scrambled eggs and French fries, but instead went with my second favorite meal there: the third pound cheeseburger:

The principles of framing apparently didn't apply to this picture

The cool thing about this burger other than being really, really tasty is that it's grilled fresh and put on a French roll.  Why a French roll?  I have no frickin' clue.  But it works.  Maybe it creates an illusion of a bigger burger than it actually is, who knows?  But this burger is truly delicious.  And the curly fries!  Whenever you see a menu offer curly fries it's like you just struck culinary gold. 

I've already raved about this place everywhere, so there's no point in digging deep.  It's a great diner with a retro feel situated in the San Carlos Airport and it's just a great place to be.  High recommend if you're in the area.