Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pastino's Pasta & Pizza Review

We recently discussed the remarkable discovery of a breakfast of epic portions at Stagecoach Restaurant in Sacramento, California.  Needless to say, that meal kept me in check for most of the day, but come dinner time, duty called.  In Oakland we had dinner with family at a place that I blogged about last year called Pastino's Pasta and Pizza.  While it was great to be hanging out and dining with family, I was less than thrilled to go to Pastino's since I gave it a less than thrilling review last year based on the pepperoni calzone that had about as much pepperoni as Congress has representatives to make good decisions.

On this trip I elected to go with the Chicago Stuffed Pizza...with pepperoni.  Giving it another shot.  The results were a vast improvement:

STUFFED may be one of the best words in culinary history

I tell ya - this was sweet, sweet redemption.  I was shocked that this was the same place that had given me the deflated calzone just a year earlier.  This thing was STUFFED with pepperoni.  I mean STUFFED.  A flavor EXPLOSION that left me wanting more even after I had downed the whole thing and was ready to puke it back up.  Seriously - I am impressed. 

Everyone else enjoyed their meals and I can now give this place credit because this was truly a spectacular pizza.  Oh yeah, they also give you bread sticks.  Can't go wrong with bread sticks. 

Would be most interested in returning.