Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Funny Key Words

You can find Greg's Gourmet across the Internetz using a variety of search terms.  Here are some of the funniest and randomestestestestest that have found their way to my page:

dick mints
disgusting things
disgusting things to eat
extremely fat wife
gummy shark 7 ft
old fat horny grandma
sdsu uncensored
caesar is so awesome
ceo of dominos is a douche
dominos ceo commercial seems like a jerk
i cant stand patrick doyle
i hate patrick Doyle pizza
ice cream dick
mcbites cannibalism
romantic things to do for guys
strawberries all over face
fat guy in thong
fast food mafia
fat guy in thong at beach
fat ppl ru
i hate that "get your own" cheerios commercial

Not sure how the fat guys and thongs and dick mints are finding their way here, but whatever.

One of my first posts proposed the question of What's the Difference Between Red Vines and Cherry Vines with the most logical answer that the Red Vines are simply flavored as...original.  Or strawberry.  But there's another "Vine" out there making the rounds: Grape Vines!

I first had these last year but didn't think to photograph them.  They're actually really good.  A notable addition to the Vine Family. 

And here's a giant Hershey's Kiss:

Oh, and because it's just so good:

I LOVE these 5 dollar meal deals from Albertsons.  At my wedding these will be all that'll we'll serve.  Oddly enough, I didn't get a stomach ache this time around.  Maybe my body is adjusting to the greasy sodium and gallons of fat juice.

Thanks for reading!