Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Night Junk

Developing story: I enjoy snacking on Mott's apple sauces.  Strawberry, blueberry, original - they're all good.  But recently a flag went up with the purchase of the Country Berry sauce.  This stuff tasted TERRIBLE!  Like the thought of James Blunt coming out with a new album terrible.  It tasted like it was coated with coagulated cardboard covered in stale dog vomit.  I'm not joking - this stuff was just rancid.

So I contacted the company asking if they had changed the recipe.  I know it's hard to believe, but sometimes companies willingly make their products worse for whatever reason (New Coke, Windows Millennium Version, any change Facebook has ever made).  Mott's has stayed in contact with me, being very insistent on sending me a coupon for a free product for the trouble...but no one has answered my question.  I think the second time I e-mailed them I also asked if perhaps the product "wasn't prepared properly" to put it nicely.  But still no answer to my specific questions.  I'm curious.  Will keep you posted.

Anyway, I've got some delicious junk food to show off this evening from none other than the Great Plaza Buffet in Pacific Beach:

Steak that's still moving around - just the way I like it

Little bit of everything here: more steak, potatoes, pizza, ribs, chicken

A blend of orange chicken, honey chicken, hot pepper chicken, teriyaki chicken, and Mongolian beef circulated around white rice

The Transition Plate: salad and fruit (strawberries, banana, grapes, kiwi, cantaloupe)

Pretty bad plating, but dessert of two cream puffs, chocolate cake, Jello, chocolate/banana pudding, and raspberry mousse

Five full plates nearly got me sick but it was totally worth it.  Nothing quite like stuffing your face at a buffet.

Also, see that raspberry mousse up there?

Okay, so, when I was living at State, we would frequent this place for dinner called Cuic, and it was basically an all-you-can-eat buffet for $10.80.  The food was mediocre at best.  Sometimes they had good stuff, but most of the time we'd leave there feeling really, really sick.  I remember one night they had a seafood bar and mostly everyone in our group got sick from it (except me.  I was on my seafood strike at the time).  BrandonWhereLandon, Austin Ferrari, and JZ were all sent to the latrines that night.  But anyway, one night they had this thing for dessert called Raspberry Mousse. 

It looked similar to the above and unlike everything else at Cuic, it tasted delicious.  Every night afterward we would go back anticipating its return to the dessert display...but it never came.  They had blueberry mousse once or twice and I think they may have had a watermelon mousse...but never again the raspberry mousse.  Seeing it at the buffet was pretty remarkable.  It didn't taste anything like the Cuic version, but it was still kinda funny to see again.

And here's a fantastic cake put together by Creative Distribution Specialist Caroline:

Tom Brady probably still couldn't complete the Hail Mary even if this was the field

Thanks for reading!