Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Night Gourmet

Here's some impressive junk food I've eaten in the last week that'll be sure to anger even the most powerful stomachs before hitting the hay tonight.

The $5 Meal Deal from Albertsons.  This is quickly becoming one of my favorite "fast food" meals, especially when they give me far more food than they should, as seen here.  But really, the above is quite ample.  In fact, I usually struggle to finish and actually wound up saving a couple of the wings and wedges.  But man...wings, wedges, mac n' cheese.  Few things taste as good.  Few things also give me as bad of a stomach ache as these meals do, but I love them anyway.  This is actually one of the few meals that can impair me if I workout in the afternoon.  McDonald's?  Not anymore.  Buffets?  No problem.  Albertsons $5 Meal Deal?  Gets me every time.  And I love it.

Hello again, Truffle Shuffle

Here's a Pipeline, a burger topped with chili and bacon, from Islands.  Usually I don't get bacon...or chili for that matter, but I was especially hungry on this day.  Let me tell ya - Islands makes big burgers.  You get your money's worth.  Now if only they could make better drinks...

And this tasty little tidbit is from the Bone Crusher:

Extra Dark for extra late Gourmet

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