Monday, February 13, 2012

Food. Dog. Head.

You've gotta check out this blog called Food On My Dog.  Required Gourmet viewing material.  It's absolutely hilarious.  It's always a popular trick to try and balance food on your dog's head/snout, but it's one of the toughest things to teach and train.  This dog, Tiger, has it down to an art.  It's amazing to see the kind of stuff this dog will balance on her head.  Everything from fried eggs to cucumbers to crackerjacks.  It's pretty amazing.  And she gets to eat most of it, so it's got a good payoff for her.

Special thanks to longtime friend of Greg's Gourmet, The Original Goonie, for supplying the link.  I actually had no idea of Goonie's YouTube account until I asked her if she had a site I could share.  If you ever need, want, or desire anything Goonie (and if you don't know what I'm talking about then shame on you) she's got the hook up to pretty much the entire Goonie universe.  Anyway, her YouTube has an arsenal of Goonie-related videos including interviews and interactions conducted by her with members of the cast, with some of the videos eclipsing 100,000 views.  Check it out.

Back to the main topic, there's no way I can do this with Cara, but I managed to get away with it with one of the pits:

All of a sudden that raw fish stench from next door kinda smells like filet mignon

The dork actually had no idea that I had put the beef on his head.  He was just sitting there for over a minute while people were laughing at him and he couldn't figure out why.  Eventually he stood up and it slid off but...I mean damn, dude.  He's a really bright dog and learns fast, but he's evidently slow in certain areas.  Cara, on the other hand, is really, really smart so there's no sneaking food onto her head.  I tried today and failed.  But here's an old picture of her from the Sacramento days with an empty box of hot chocolate on her snout:

And here's a picture of her chewing a giant block of ice, also from Sacramento:

So obviously there's no amazing junk food today.  Check out the dog blog instead.  Though here's a picture of a really creepy looking empty vending machine that you'd find at some abandoned gas station in the middle of West Virginia...except this one was outside my dentist's office:

It's amazing that that one Red Vines pack is still there.  Plus some candy bar and cracker pack on the bottom level.  I dunno, seeing an empty vending machine is usually the first sign that cannibalistic hillbillies are nearby.  Or, on the other hand, since it's outside the dentist's office, maybe they raid it so we don't rot our teeth with sugar and sodium.  Could be a conspiracy...of course, if it's a dental conspiracy then chances are they'd WANT it to be stocked with as much sugar as possible so we rot our teeth which in turn pushes business.  It's an interesting question that I should probably submit to the GOP for one of their debates.  

Oh, here's a scone from Charlie's Best Bread for good measure:

Thanks for reading!