Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buffet Time!

Here's a breakdown of a recent trip to the most excellent Great Plaza Buffet in Pacific Beach, CA:

It looks like regurgitated mouse vomit but I assure you it tasted good.

Leading off I usually go for the steak, but today the roast was nearly gone so I elected to wait until they brought out a new one.  So leading off is Hawaiian chicken, pizza, mashed potatoes, and a fake chicken leg.

The chicken plate; teriyaki, orange, spicy, and honey.   Plus the rice.

Transition Plate gone wrong

So after the second plate I started hitting a wall and elected to go straight for the transition plate.  However, just as I was constructing this salad and preparing to shovel fruit onto my plate, they brought out another pork roast.  So, naturally, I had to have some.

Dessert-Transition Plate

Here we have some out-of-season strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, kiwi, Jello, and banana/chocolate pudding.

Dessert Trifecta

Chocolate cake, cream puff, and raspberry mousse.  The perfect combination of sugar and other toxic ingredients.

Thanks for reading!