Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Introducing Gourmet Games!

Okay, so, I've been a bit behind in the Gourmet with work, school, and getting my writing ready for competition...BUT, I've got a fun new thing to share today that may or may not become a reoccurring feature on the site: GOURMET GAMES!

Below is a matching/memory game that I coded in Flash from ActionScript 3.0.  Note: may not work on phones.  I'm still not sure how the Flash and mobile technology work exactly.  Oh yeah, I'm also aware that the site comes out kind of funky on the iPhone, and I'm working on a fix.  Anyway, for your pleasure, Greg's Gourmet: The Matching Game!

Note: if either of the embedded Flash files give you the message "missing plug-in", try installing the latest version of Flash Player.  It's free!

Originally I had included a music player but it made the file too big and in turn took too long to load, so instead I'm embedding it separately in the event that you'd like to listen to some soothing music over the burping and belching:

*Sound provided by freesound.org.  Music and license purchased from footagefirm.com

I really enjoy Flash and the scripting language, especially when I get it to do what I want.  Flash is an incredibly powerful program that you can do pretty much anything with; websites, games, programs, chat applets, animation, music player, drawing - you name it.  It can also be tedious because A) your code has to be 100% correct and B) sometimes your project may not work the way you want because of something rudimentary.  For example, the score and time weren't coming up after the game and I couldn't figure out why.  It turned out the text boxes I had used weren't long enough to display the information.  Hur hur hur.

But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this.  I sure did.  If you'd like to leave your high score and time in the comments, we can create a list and the person with the highest score will win obscenely awesome bragging rights.

                SCORES                    TIMES
              Josh - 1680               Tim - 1:02
              Angelo - 1655             Josh - 1:13
              Greg - 1620               Katie - 1:31

              Tim - 1575                Greg - 1:37
              Katie - 1550              Angelo - 1:55
              Trish - 1470              Trish - 4:38
Thanks for reading!