Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Night Lolz

Here's something I came across at Albertsons the other day.  Either a great coincidence or the workers just said screw it because of the then-impending strike:

Hahahaha banner fail

The full banner

I got a good laugh out of that one.  Thanks, Albertsons.  But anyway, here's some lunch I picked up:

Buffalo chicken wings, potato wedges, and egg salad

That egg salad tasted like a fish mutated with a jar of mayonnaise - it was disgusting.  Mayo is one of those foods that you have to be careful with.  Too much can easily overpower the other ingredients and make whatever you're eating taste like the thought of Justin Bieber being successful.  The wings were pretty good.  Wedges were, too.  

And here's a most impressive work of construction by a relative I had lunch with at the Great Plaza Buffet:

Holy Guacamole!  This must have been the Big Salad that Elaine was talking about

I actually forgot to take pictures of all my plates, so here's the two I had:

A plate of 5 different types of chicken

A salad/fruit plate

Thanks for reading!