Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Three Foot Triathia

Happy birthday, Dad!  And many more!  I love you!

It's my father's birthday today and for dinner I made everyone a sandwich to share, dubbed the Three Foot Triathia.  Observe:

Hey Jared, stick this in your pipe and smoke it

That's three feet of awesome.  Here it is from another angle:

My three footer is bigger than Jared's six incher

So what we have here is two pieces of French Bread combined together with melted butter spread in it for extra flavor.  It includes honey roasted turkey, black forest ham, tomatoes, lettuce, onions (on one side), a thin layer of mayo, mustard, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and a sprinkle of smoked paprika.  And those tooth picks you see are these awesome swords that my grandparents picked up in Toledo, Spain in the 60s.  

Oh yeah

You know how car companies come up with these names for their vehicles that are spin-offs of words?  Integra.  Maxima.  Pinto.  Triathia comes from Triathlon, a series of three events of physical endurance.  When one of the halves of this sandwich was cut, we then had three epic pieces, and hence the Triathia was created.  

It's so big it doesn't even fit in the picture

Helloooooo baaaaaaby

It's such a badass that it actually bent one of these metal sword toothpicks

And here's a brief video.  I was trying to make a joke that I thought made sense but I later learned actually didn't make sense at all.  

Here's another picture just to get a sense of its epicness

Happy birthday, Dad!  And many, many more!  I love you!  

Thanks for reading!