Sunday, September 4, 2011

12 Egg Omelet Iron Man/Woman Challenge

There's a place in Pacific Beach called the Broken Yolk Cafe that's home to the "Broken Yolk Iron Man and Iron Woman Special" - as listed on their menu: "A dozen-egg omelet filled with mushrooms, onions and American cheese smothered with our own house-made chili and more cheese.  Served on a 15-inch pizza pan with a generous pile of home fries and two biscuits."  You have an hour to complete it and if you succeed it's free and you receive a shirt plus a plaque on their Wall of Fame.  If you fail it's $24.99 plus tax.

Not only that, but this dish was featured on one of the TV shows that defines Greg's Gourmet: Man Vs. Food; a brilliant program where host Adam Richman goes from city to city to take on these crazy food challenges as well as partake in other delicious gourmet.  For this particular episode, Richman came to San Diego to take on this dirty dozen challenge.  The video is here.  It's 7 minutes and totally worth it:

Notice the close-up boobs shot in the opening 10 seconds.  You know the cameraman was planning that one out

Richman has an incredible appetite so I'm not too surprised that he completed the dish.  I've considered going for it a few times but what prevents me from doing so are the mushrooms and onions.  I greatly dislike onions and mushrooms just creep me out.  Why would anyone eat something that has "mush" in the name anyway?   Might as well name them gastro-intestinal-parasitic-tract-rooms. 

Anyway, onto what I ate:

Eggs Benedict with hash browns

Nothing unique to report here.  It's Eggs Benedict, it's good.  Not much else to say.  Writing this out, however, has made that 12 egg challenge seem more appealing.  Might have to reconsider.

Thanks for reading!