Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Jalapeño Love Affair

I don't know why I order stuff with Jalapeños.  The reality is they don't have an overly phenomenal taste and half the time it feels like that scene from one of the Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies where the guy grinds an iron-fingered glove against a chalkboard as a form of torture.  But they're an addiction.  I love them.  It was at Moondoggies, located in Pacific Beach, CA where I ordered the Jalapeño Pepper Jack Burger:

There's a volcanic layer of Jalapeños beneath that cheese

Let me tell you - this burger was cooked perfectly.  A rarity of taste, moisture, and seasoning that you seldom get.  The jalapeños actually weren't that hot, but my insides still felt like this the next day:

Still - I love the extra zest and heat jalapeños bring to the table, even if they do make me sick half the time.  

Also at our table, Hawk ordered a Roasted Garlic Pizza:

Those are caramelized onions you see there

And Rat and the Female Billy Mays ordered a colorful Shrimp Salad:

A fine combo of shrimp, pita, and pepper

Special thanks to Just A Dog Pit Bull Rescue for the meal!

Also for your enjoyment:

Open faced chicken sandwich topped with mashed potatoes and gravy

Scone from Charlie's Best Bread.  Oh yeah.

Thanks for reading!