Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lamb, Steak, and Snails

To celebrate The World According to Suz's birthday, my family ventured to a really nice place called the 94th Aero Squadron, located in Kearny Mesa, CA.  Situated beside Montgomery Field where air traffic is a regularity, this restaurant is quiet, snazzily decorated with WWI memorabilia, and really good food as well.

Rack of lamb and garlic mashed potatoes

The meal also includes bread, salad or soup, cream corn, and the stuff featured above.  The lamb was a little well done for my taste, but still good.  Also enjoyed were:

Dad ordered the prime rib

Normally I get the prime rib, but since I frequent the $11.75 buffet at the Oceanview Room, I decided to go different.  However, as was pointed out, this steak tastes better than the steak at the buffet.  My guess is that at the buffet they cook the entire rib at once and cut it into pieces whereas here they cook individual pieces.  Not that I'm complaining.  Both are ridiculously good.  Good for you, good for you. 

World According to Suz ordered the sirloin steak

Mom ordered the sea bass

And oh yeah, there was...snails...


I didn't have any of that.  There's something about eating gastropods that just doesn't hit the spot for me.  Onto more tasty things:

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate covered strawberries topped with whipped cream

And of course when there's a birthday there's always a cake nearby:

Chocolate cake

Unfortunately the cake...the cake just didn't get the job done.  It tasted as if something in the preparation wasn't done properly.  It also came from Vons so go figure.  

Happy birthday, Suzanne!  Thanks for reading!