Thursday, August 18, 2011

Phil's BBQ

There's a place in San Diego where the lines are so long they nearly step into a parallel universe.  I speak, of course, of Phil's BBQ.  Bone Crusher and I ventured here and since we're too cool for lines, we got ours to go.  And it was insane:

Bone Crusher ordered a turkey burger...yes there is a burger beneath that volcanic crater of an onion ring

Seriously...I swear there's a burger somewhere in there

It's an impressive item no doubt, albeit a little dry in the meat.  The sauce helps, though.  I ordered this:

A full rib dinner and fries...yes, there are fries under there

The ribs are good.  Quite good.  However, there is no way I would ever wait in one of those lines for any meal.  Not even the prime rib buffet.  Heck, not even the Great Plaza Buffet.  I think it's ridiculous that people will wait that long just for some pork.  It's a strange phenomena, kind of like when I was watching the remake of Land of the Lost on TBS and then as the end credits rolled I realized I was actually watching the remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth.  That was a weird few seconds.

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