Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Surf n' Turf: 2.5 Filet Mignons and Swordfish

Last week I attended a wedding.  While the bride and groom hired high-end photographers to document the ceremony, they still needed someone to cover the food.  First up is a surf and turf deal with filet mignon and swordfish.

Filet mignon and grilled swordfish

I wound up having 2.5 of the filets that went uneaten from family/friends at our table.  At first I thought 2.5 filets was a lot, but then I thought...wait...I'm a jerk who can down 4 prime ribs at the buffet every other Wednesday.  While 2.5 filet mignons sounds cool, the actual volume isn't that much.  But still - how often have you wanted to have multiple filet mignons at a restaurant because one is so small?  I can now say that I've done it.

The swordfish was interesting.  Never had it before but it was pretty good.  It's funny because since I've started this site I think I've softened my stance on seafood.  I mean, a seafood dish won the shirt giveaway and here I am glorifying swordfish.  Who knows - maybe seafood will regularly appear here...but still unlikely.

Also from the meal:

Koby beef slider

A salad that oozes of excitement

A slab of the wedding cake

"Duo" may be one of the best words to see on a menu

So that was the wedding.  Immensely happy for the newlyweds!  Thanks for reading!