Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dog Gone Good Gourmet

On Sunday I got to pig out at a place called Fred's Mexican Cafe in Pacific Beach, CA, courtesy of Just a Dog Pit Bull Rescue.  I'm not going to start you off with the main course, the appetizer or the horny grandma margarita but rather the dessert.  Check this out:

El Luchador

This is 8 churros with cinnamon and sugar, 8 scoops of vanilla ice cream, ancho chili chocolate sauce, coconut caramel sauce, strawberry puree, and a generous topping of whipped cream.  It was inspiring, kind of like hearing that the government actually came to an agreement on whatever it was they were arguing about for the past month.  

So let's bounce back to the beginning.  After a day of pitching the breed to thousands of people at the Doggie Street Festival, it was time for some grub.  Naturally, a good alcoholic beverage seemed perfect and, naturally, how could I resist a drink called Horny Grandma?:

Seriously, what did you think a horny grandma was?

Next up: Appetizers.  Check out these beauties:

Grande Nachos featuring black beans, melted cheese, diced tomatoes, and jalapeƱos

Everyone knows of my love affair with jalapeƱos and these were actually mild enough that you could eat them one by one pretty comfortably.  Not too overpowering and had just enough heat.  

Main dish:

Pollo asado tacos, refried beans, rice, and corn

Good stuff here.  Good texture and flavors and it tasted fresh, so that's always rockets.  I always love it when the food takes over the whole plate like above.  Everything has its own section and there's absolutely no plate peeking through except for the rim.  Solid presentation.  It's kind of like a really good music album, say Led Zeppelin IV, where every song is awesome and you don't have any of that filler junk seeping through.

And of course the dogs had some good grub as well:

If the bone had meat I would be right there on the ground helping him out with it.  Or not.  That's kind of gross actually. 

If it was medically OK for dogs to eat whatever then I think Benny would be the perfect assistant.  His section of the blog would go something like "Me ate lots today.  Me eat chopped liver and tennis ball.  Tennis ball taste good.  Me steal food off owner's table.  Me very happy."  To learn more about Benny, click here, or look up JAD on Facebook. 

Thanks for reading!