Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Root Beer Float

While in Valencia this past weekend, The World According to Rich and I ventured into a candy shop called Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop.  Naturally, putting me in a candy store is like putting a politician in a bank vault; there's just no way I can go inside and not walk out with a big bag of candy.  However, I went for something different this time around.  While the store was covered with chocolates and other fruit sweets, I went straight to the arsenal of 20-something flavors of taffy.  The store was also lined with dozens of sodas, many of which are of the specialty type:

Root beer float and a stash of taffy

I did pretty well for this trip; a good sized bag of taffy and the root beer for only 6 bucks.  At an overpriced store like this I figured it would be way more, so I was pleasantly surprised.  Plus the float was really good.

Also for your enjoyment is a trip to Islands:

Two Northshore spicy chicken tacos


You know, I like Islands.  They provide terrific service and appropriately update their menu when needed.  The problem is you only really have two choices here: a burger of some sort or a taco.  That's about it.  I wasn't in the mood for a burger so by default I got the tacos and they were good, yeah, but I just wish they had a bigger menu.  That and the chicken wasn't spicy as advertised.

The other issue is that their drinks are lackluster, kind of like how Nicolas Cage is in like 103 movies every year and each one is uniquely awful.  This particular mojito had mint leaves in it which may have been good if they hadn't shoved the whole mint plant in there.  It was like I was drinking a garden that had been watered with fruit juice.  Not exactly what I was looking for.  

By the way - you know why I love Little Caesar's?


Because it's just so awesome.  


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