Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yogurt Soda

Some may see the title and instantly think of Jones Soda, the quirky soda company that I vigorously marketed during high school.  It's known for annually producing nasty soda flavors, such as the holiday pack that featured Turkey & Gravy Soda, Mashed Potato Soda, and Green Bean Casserole Soda.  As gross as they were, I think I've found one that's even more nasty and more revolting.  Funny thing is --- this is a real product, not a gimmick.

It's true - Yogurt Soda

Picked up from the Balboa International Market and they seemed pretty well stocked.  So...the bottle said to shake gently since there's real yogurt at the bottom and carbonated whatever on top.  So I did.  And it nearly exploded.  So I put it in the fridge for a while.  Then I opened it.  Then this happened:

You know how milk gets when it spoils?  Yeah...

You know how gross it is when yogurt soda overflows?  Yeah...

This stuff is nasty.  Absolutely nasty.  The smell, the taste, the texture - disgusting.  You know what's weird?  The bottle says to gently shake it...but aren't you not supposed to shake soda?  Yeah, I don't get it either.  But this tastes pretty much what you'd expect carbonated dairy to taste like.  A funny thing is that I actually proposed a "Milk Soda" to Jones Soda once upon a time.  

Soda with floating chunks...that's a new concept

As gross as that was, there was some good stuff, such as these Rugelach Cookies:

Chocolate chip, raspberry, and apple Rugelach cookies

Golbarg Cookies

Sesame Seed Cookie

Not sure the name of this, but it's a nougat-type center covered with pistachios.  Pretty good.

I've also got some pictures sent in from readers.  This first one came in from Paige out of Florida:

Turkey burger with avocado, applewood bacon, and Swiss cheese

This one was sent in from Addie out of Mississippi:

Chocolate tasting is officially recognized as a sport.  The oyster crackers are to cleanse the pallets between samples

Thanks for reading!