Tuesday, January 31, 2012

100th Post

To celebrate 100 posts, I'd like to introduce everyone to a good friend of mine: The Onion Guy:

I think there's an Express Lane for hauls like this

I mean really?  A cart to lug around that big onion?  Imagine if he was getting a half dozen bananas or something.  He'd be driving around in a monster truck!

By the way, here's a fun article sent to me by Photographer Addie Talley in response to my post about Denny's Slams not looking like the pictures entitled "Fast Food - Ads vs. Reality."  It's a fun little piece where this dude takes pictures of burgers from all the fast food joints and then puts them up against the pictures that we see in the ads.  The result may not shock you but it's really, really funny.  And kind of gross at parts.  Easy reading, mostly because all you have to do is look at pictures. 

Greg's Gourmet has actually been under the weather for the past week so I don't have a lot of good new stuff to share.  But here's a hot dog from Costco:

Giant beef hot and a fountain drink for, like, $1.50.  It's like signing Albert Pujols to the league minimum

Thanks for reading!