Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gourmet with 2011 Radio Producer of the Year

Another stop on our recent trip around California featured some gourmet in Elk Grove, CA cooked by none other than the 2011 Radio Producer of the Year and friend of Greg's Gourmet, Mike Lidskin of Twirl Radio and his wife, Amber.  They were kind enough to cook for myself and The World According to Rich, possibly in a scheme to get us to leave sooner.

First up is some grilled chicken complete with Mike's secret sauce and cooked over hickory wood.

The specimens


The next day we took an epic adventure to the metropolis of Galt, CA to a little place called The Squeeze Inn Burger Joint:

A Squeeze with Cheese

Another shot

They cook the burger in a pile of cheese then squeeze it together so by the time it comes out it's got this piece of cheese the size of Australia hanging off it.  Some will eat the entire thing but I cut it off and set it aside.  Even dangerous eaters like me have our limits.  But the burger was good.  And "Squeeze with Cheese" is fun to say.

Following an afternoon of radio, it was time for Amber to whip up some truly gourmet steaks:

I know what you're thinking and, no, I did not attempt to eat all of these

Steak, butter potatoes, corn on the cob, and greens

The next morning before we headed off for the Bay Area we were served with a delicious gourmet breakfast:

A dozen eggs and, no, I didn't try to eat all of them

A harvest of fruit

Oddly enough, it seems that I forgot to take a picture of my plate.  I guess even awesome, good looking food bloggers like me have their off days.

For a little more about Twirl Radio, check out this video put together by The World According to Rich:

Thanks for reading!