Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Pound of Candy

I'll be honest - this was my first purchase from the Sweet Factory.  I've been inside many of them.  I've walked by many of them.  But I've never actually purchased candy from them...until now.

Mmmmm candy

It's easy to go overboard here.  I got a pound of goods without even trying!  And also, this place is ridiculously expensive.  A pound of candy here costs $10!  A bag of candy at a super market that weighs a pound usually goes for $4 or $5.  But the difference is that the candy here is fresh.  For some reason it just tastes better.  

Oh yeah

A gummy shark - 3.5 inches

Also, here's a sandwich I picked up from a Subway in Carlsbad, CA:

Cold Cut Combo

I like Subway for what it is.  It's fast and convenient but nothing really special.  Not to mention this:

Sometimes they're not gentle while constructing the sandwich

Why is the meat on top?  Can someone explain this?  The proper construction of a sandwich is: Bread, meat, vegetables, sauces, bread.  Why they're doing this weird reverse thing is beyond me.  

Thanks for reading!