Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SMASH Burgers!

Today I had the privilege of dining with an old friend of Greg's Gourmet: Darryl AKA Shag2theNasty.  Both of us take "all-you-can-eat" as a personal challenge and used to terrorize the dining services at State.  Today we took on a place called Smash Burger, as recommended by another friend of Greg's Gourmet, Bonnie, the Dog Whisperer of San Diego who once won a bet against me to see whose dog could sit the longest.  She also provided us with a deal for a free burger as seen here:

Classic third-pound Smash Burger and Smash Fries

In a crazy turn of events, Shag2theNasty wound up getting...the same thing!

Classic Smash Burger and fries

The Smash Fries are actually seasoned with olive oil and rosemary as opposed to the standard fries.  A good change and seasoned well enough so it wasn't overpowering.  Overall it's a good change of scenery and they make their burgers well.  Nice service, too.  I recommend. 

Another shot

A little more about Shag2theNasty - the dude once ate five (5) two-egg omelettes from the dining hall at State...and there's proof!

One, two, three, four, five

Also, I wanted to share this next photo with everyone.  It was sent in by Amar and it's just so funny:

In-N-Out AND pizza

And knowing Amar, that may actually be two orders of fries!  Plus the fact that it's half eaten cracks me up.  Also sent in from Coby Beyer-Chafets, check out this mad dessert plate he assembled at a buffet:

Dessert - the most important meal of the day

I've received several more photos from readers and will post them a few at a time.  Thanks everyone and thanks again to Bonnie for the lead.

Thanks for reading!