Monday, May 20, 2013

Hell's Kitchen, Season 11, Episode 11 Recap

Season 11, Episode 11

"Hey guys, I've got something on my finger that came outta my nose.  Wanna see?"

Honestly, this season is tanking really fast and I'm finding myself less and less enthused to bother writing anything about it.  The fact that MasterChef returns in a few days just kinda adds to this sense of "oh crap, what's Gordon Ramsay gonna ruin next?"  Everything from the disastrous editing to poor executive decisions to awful scripting has made this season somehow even worse than Season 10.  And what's really sucky is that it actually got off to a decent start.  The first dinner service was hysterical.  But it's been a steep decline ever since, riddled with annoying TBC's and waning entertainment value.  And if you're gonna ask "well durrr why do you watch it then?"  Bite me.  Seriously.  It's on TV and I've watched every season since it began.  

I'm just gonna do brief rundowns from now on.  This show isn't worth diving too deep into.  

Barret finally goes home: So we were left with a dull TBC where Gordon gives his signature "I'm not finished" nonsense and then finally, FINALLY, Barret goes home.  Parchment paper, charred sticks, raw chicken.  This clown basically tried to serve a hardware store on a plate inside a slaughterhouse to the customers and for some reason Gordon kept this dick around.  Real world class standards there, Gordon. 

"Thin air" challenge: One team member is put into a phone booth thing where little sheets of paper with ingredients fly around and they've gotta snatch a bunch up and make some visually stunning dishes with them.  Each team member makes a dish but only three will be tasted, so the best looking ones are gonna be picked.  Red Team won again, no surprise.  Seriously, if you watched the promo last week carefully you would see that all the girls were wearing makeup and just had their hair done.  And then as part of the Blue Team's punishment Zachy-Wacky and Jon have to bike over some champagne to the girls?  Is this supposed to be funny? (they're all on the same lot, so it's not like they're pedaling through Hollywood here.)

Gordon Ramsay in "The Photobomber"

So the Red Team is getting their pictures taken for People Magazine and Gordon decides to drop in and photobomb the shoot, and naturally the editors want us to believe that the girls going OMG was really for his arrival when in reality they were probably OMG-ing when they saw Cyndi wearing makeup for the first time.

Dinner Service: HK is closed to the public but it's a special service for a group of military officers.  Naturally Gordon has the bright idea to operate both kitchens as one and expects everyone to be in sync.  I wonder how that will turn out?

Blah, blah, blah.  Zachy-Wacky tries to sabotage Ray.  Stuff is undercooked.  People get yelled at. 

"You muppets are probably wondering why I called you all here today."

Ray goes home.  He tried his best and was great at times.  But once you start getting nominated in the early going you're gonna be a constant target as long as you're there.