Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Delusional Breakfast

This may shock you, but I really like greasy foods.


Okay, not really a shocker, but I do appreciate non-greasy food as much as the next jerk who's trying to put a tax on sugar, potato chips, and everything else that tastes remotely good.

The other day I attended this place called the Coffee Cup Cafe in La Jolla, CA.  While I was meeting someone for breakfast at 8, I wanted to get there plenty early since parking in La Jolla can always be a problem.  Naturally I forgot that 95% of downtown La Jolla is completely deserted until 10 AM so like a jerk I parked far away because I took the first spot I saw.  Oh well.

Anyway, unlike most breakfast places that I've featured, this joint actually prides itself on ingredients other than bacon, hash browns, and deep fried cow liver so immediately I'm put into a position to order something I don't usually order which wound up being the Roast Beef Hash and Eggs:

Greens on a breakfast plate?  What is this?  Has Greg's Gourmet gone soft?

Okay, so steak and eggs isn't exactly out of my league, but the freshness, the quality of the ingredients, and the overall presentation definitely put this plate a step above the stuff I usually feature.  So what we have here is seared sirloin with rosemary potatoes, sauteed tomatoes, and green peppers.  At the top of the plate we've got grilled rosemary bread sitting on top of a couple scrambled eggs. 

Really, this was good.  It's not the stuff-your-face crap you get your Denny's or the small-town stuff you'd find at the Hays Street Cafe in Bridgeport, but I tell ya, this is pretty good eating.  The steak was delicious, the seasonings were spot on, and overall it was a perfectly filling meal without wandering into stuffing territory.  We also came right at opening so the food came out in like five minutes.

For the win.