Thursday, February 28, 2013

Free Advertising

At this time I'd like to make a call for some free advertising if anyone is interested.

With Gordon Ramsay's prime time shows, Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef, about to return to the airwaves, I'll be updating this page a lot more.  Expect nightly recaps of each episode with plenty of personal insults, fart jokes, and other nonsensical nonsense that will most likely result in me pondering why I'm even watching this show anymore because it's gone so far downhill.

If you have a page or an organization or a blog or something you'd like listed on the Links page, simply drop me a message and we'll make it happen.  Links page here:

For some reason I'm actually looking forward to Hell's Kitchen.  Not sure why because last season was a train wreck.  I guess watching British people get angry is just funny to me.